UK Law

There is now a proliferation of UK Law affecting flora, fauna and habitats. We are qualified in UK Law and specialise in mitigation of the following typical species:

  • Badgers
  • Black Redstarts
  • Common Lizards
  • European Protected Species (EPS)
  • Flora
  • Great Crested Newts
  • Slow Worms
  • Snakes

Solutions we regularly offer for the above species are Surveys, Licence Applications, Migitations and Translocations.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981)

The WCA defines the protection of various UK species regarding actions that can be carried out on a development site,
for example:

  •         Protection of wild birds, their nests and eggs
  •         Protection of other animals
  •         Protection of plants
  •         Introduction of non-Native species
  •         Import or Export of endangered species

Biodiversity/Species/Habitat Action Plan (BAP/SAP/HAP)

There is now an obligation on developers to encourage biodiversity and to protect certain species and habitat.
Typical examples are:

  •         Common Dormouse
  •         Stag Beetle
  •         Mosses
  •         Lichens
  •         Amphibians
  •         Reptiles