We specialise in assisting developers with ecologically sustainable energy projects through to successful planning outcomes.

  • Solar farms  (over 60 large scale  solar farms in England and Wales)
  • Anaerobic Digesters
  • Wind Turbines

Publications (11) on solar arrays and biodiversity by John Feltwell (2013-2015)


Feltwell, J. 2013a.  Are photovoltaic solar arrays an influencing factor in avian mortality? The Newsletter of The Kent Field Club. February 2013. Number 77, p.18-27.   No negative impact on birds

Feltwell, J. 2013b Solar Farms and Biodiversity. Guest blog on Solar Power Portal. 16  September 2013.  Solar farms boost biodiversity, even make nature reserves.

Feltwell, J. 2013c Résumé of solar farms in England and Wales.  Briefing given at National Trust  roundtable, 17 September 2013.

Feltwell, J. 2013d. Solar farms for bumblebees. Buzzword, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s      Members Newsletter. November 2013. Issue 23, p.13-14.   Solar farms excellent for bumblebees and other insects.

Feltwell, J. 2013e. Biodiversity on solar farms – building tomorrow’s solar farms.  Solar Business.  Focus UK. Volume 10 – 2013. 6-7.             Solar farms boost biodiversity, even make nature reserves.                 Solar are the new ‘fallow’

Feltwell, J. 2013f.  A comparative biodiversity study of a working solar farm and a wheat field in West  Sussex, July- November 2013. (Unpublished Report, dated 7 December 2013).  Increased biodiversity on a solar farm compared to an organic wheat field


Feltwell, J. 2014a. Solar farms: gain or grain? Solar Business Focus UK. Volume 11 – 2014. p.40-41.  Solar farms do not take more than 0.14% away from the UK’s agricultural crops.

Feltwell, J. 2014b Observations on the effects of photovoltaic solar panels on invertebrates at Ebbsfleet Farm, Sandwich, Kent 2010-2012. The Newsletter of The Kent Field Club. Number 79. February 2014. p.4-17.  No impact on invertebrates  (there are 32,000 terrestrial inverts in Britain)

 E. Parker and L. Greene (with Feltwell, J. 2014c as co-contributor) BRE (2014) Biodiversity Guidance for Solar Developments. Eds. G. E. Parker and L. Greene. 9pp Essential reading for all developers and planners…. Introduction of the BMP  (Biodiversity Management Plan).

 Feltwell, J. 2014d, reviewed by John Arthur LLP. Solar farms and eco-law. E-Law, Issue 84 (September-October) pp.27-30. An On-line publication by UK Environmental Law Association.         An up to date résumé of solar farms and UK and EU law


 Feltwell, J. 2015. Biodiversity benefits on a Sussex solar farm. Case Study 6 pp. 391-396. in Stephen Cirell’s ‘A Guide to Solar PV Projects in Local Government and the Public Sector, in association with British Solar Renewables. Reprinted in 2015.