Solar publications in 2013

Publications on solar arrays and biodiversity by John Feltwell

Feltwell, J. 2013a.  Are photovoltaic solar arrays an influencing factor in avian mortality? The  Newsletter of The Kent Field Club. February 2013. Number 77, p.18-27.

Feltwell, J. 2013b Solar Farms and Biodiversity. Guest blog on Solar Power Portal. 16  September 2013.

Feltwell, J. 2013c Résumé of solar farms in England and Wales.  Briefing given at National Trust roundtable, 17 September 2013. 

Feltwell, J. 2013d. Solar farms for bumblebees. Buzzword, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Members Newsletter. November 2013. Issue 23, p.13-14.

Feltwell, J. 2013e. Biodiversity on solar farms – building tomorrow’s solar farms.  Solar Business Focus UK. Volume 10 – 2013. 6-7.