RBG Kew Seed Collector

RBG Kew confirms that samples from more than 50% of the 214 seed and herbarium specimens collected by myself in the 1980s in the Old and New World virgin rainforests and deserts have been sent out to researchers around the world. The collection is now safely housed in the Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) at Wakehurst Place, Sussex.

Acer montpellier maple with winged fruits.Seeds of Datura stramonium, the Thorn Apple, a poisonous plant.



Climate Change

Rainforest book cover jpg

Here is Dr John Feltwell’s prescient assessment on global warming and climate change as published in his 2008 book on ‘Rainforests’ 646pp  (ISBN 978-0-907970-08-8).  Chapter 5 Global Warming. 22pp illustrated: